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Similar to specialists in human medicine, veterinary specialists have chosen to continue their medical education. They may be take it after graduation from a four-year accredited institution. In order to focus on a specific area of veterinary medicine. Board-certified specialists have spent 3-4 years in an intensive internship and residency. Conducting and publishing original research and passing an extensive multi-day examination. Board-certified specialists are at the highest level of specialization possible in veterinary medicine.

At 1stPet, part of our commitment to comprehensive veterinary care includes our specialists. These specialists are leaders in the field of veterinary medicine. Every day, they see cases, diagnose conditions, administer treatments. And they perform procedures in their chosen field of study, making their knowledge and expertise second to none.

Your primary veterinarian will refer your pet to a specialist when a condition is particularly complex. When more than one disease is present, or when advanced technology is needed for treatment or diagnosis. We will work as part of your pet’s medical team. In conjunction with your primary veterinarian, to give your pet the best medical care possible.

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